A Day in the Life of Mrs. Donna Witherspoon; the Agility Forum Spotlights a True Senior Exercise Leader




Our blog post today spotlights Mrs. Donna Witherspoon of Bloomington, Indiana. Mrs. Witherspoon, the owner and operator of Bloomington Lawn Care Services, LLC (www.bloomingtonlawncareservices.com), is 76 years old. And yet she works eight hours a day (except during the winter months when the lawn care industry goes into hibernation), and in addition to that runs 3 miles a day, and spends an hour every other day at the gym.

She is a real leader in the field of Senior Exercise, and she is an inspiration to dozens of women, many of whom are trying hard to follow her example.

The Agility Forum, the volunteer group whose goal is to bring exercise into the lives of millions of seniors all across the country, salutes Mrs. Witherspoon. And we honor her today by spotlighting a day in her life for all our readers.

Mrs. Witherspoon says that she gets up at 6 a.m. every morning. And when she gets up she goes through an exercise routine of light calisthenics for the next fifteen minutes; she does mainly loosening up exercises and stretches and that sort of thing.




Then she takes a shower, and makes breakfast for herself and her husband Howard.

Howard is 80 years old, and he is as sprightly and active as his wife, but that’s another story for another day; today we’re just talking about his wife Donna.

After finishing breakfast she heads for the office, where she runs half a dozen crews of lawn care technicians. Every day is a busy day, she says, with an endless list of things to do.

She does her running during the lunch hour. While the other people in the office are kicking back, having a sandwich and taking it easy, she’s changing into her running togs, and going out for her daily 3-mile run (she doesn’t run on the weekends, though).

And after her workday is done, she goes off to the gym three nights a week, for her weight-training program.

How many 76-year old people could do something like that? We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Mrs. Donna Witherspoon, we salute you!